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ADDW1 Baffled Oil Catch Can Kit V3.3 - Kia Stinger 2018+

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Product Description:

Features / Oil catch can

  • U.S. Patent Number: D870,785 S / D870,786 S
  • Kit comes with everything you need for easy installation
  • V3.3 oil catch can work if the vehicle is in idle or in acceleration and is more efficient than a single oil catch can
  • Automatic select the best possible suction source & Continuous Cleaning in idle or Wide open throttle Driving Condition
  • Closed loop or open system in-line with the PCV system to separate oil particles
  • Constructed with high-grade Lightweight 6061 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Easy-drain plug / Remote Quick Drain Valve (optional)
  • Customizable color insert rings available in 8 different colors
  • Available in Carbon fiber / reduces weight / improves engine bay
  • size 4.30" high x 2.50" diameter
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


    Direct bolt on Kit Includes:

    • (1) V3.3 Baffled Oil Catch Can
    • (2) PRO check valves
    • (1) Performance Breather
    • (3) Aluminum Barbed Fittings
    • (3) Seal O rings for Barbed Fittings
    • (11) Worm Gear Clamps
    • High-performance vacuum hose kit
    • All hardware needed to install
    • Simplified installation
    • Application-Specific Mounting Bracket


    Features / TRIPLE Twister Chamber

    • ADD W1 V3.3 Special engineered TRIPLE Twister Chamber to trap more Oil
    • Internal Baffle TRIPLE Twister chamber filter system
    • Filter and can are fully serviceable
    • Internal baffle 3 stage chamber filter system
    • High-flow TRIPLE Twister Chamber without affecting PCV/CCV pressures filter
    • Effectively raises the octane
    • increases engine performance from cleaner inlet air
    • Prevents oil buildup in the intake, intercooler, throttle body, etc.


    The engine works by turning the intake manifold as the source of vacuum, which sucks all the blow-by back to the intake system. However, when the throttle is pressed (Wide open throttle / WOT), the intake manifold stops building the vacuum pressure and during this time, damaging compounds like blow-by water, carbon, ash, and sulfuric acid can go through and mix with the oil, damaging the engine in the process.

    The V3.3 oil catch can work if the vehicle is in idle or in acceleration (Wide open throttle / WOT) and is more efficient than a single oil catch can.

    The V3.3 catch cans are used as an additional suction source of help to the blow-by problem by Adding additional vacuum location just in front or upstream of the throttle body or TB inlet and we utilize one-way inline check valves that select the best possible suction source when the full throttle is open. in Every Driving Condition.

    The ADD W1 Oil Catch Can is crafted by our team of engineers who understand the dangers of the oil particles from the PCV/CCV that transfers back to the air intake system. It features dual ports and is easy to install on the PCV/CCV systems. The revamped design boasts an industry grade twister baffled filter that helps to trap contaminants and filter moisture as well as oil residue. All the oil residue gets transferred to the bottom of the can ensuring keeping the intake system remarkably clean.

    Unlike other air-oil-separator systems in the market, our oil catch can is not heated which allows all the blow-by air to condense in the can itself. Moreover, a regular air-oil-separator system drops the blow-by back to the oil pan, whereas our oil catch can keeps the blow-by and all the contaminants out of the engine invariably.

    Although, every oil catch can does the job of trapping contaminants, but only a well-designed one ensures that the intake system remains clean for a long time and improve the overall performance of the tuned vehicle.

    ADD W1 Oil Catch can. catch the oil and moisture in the blow-by gas that causes carbon and sludge build-up in the intake system and engine. It's advanced design assures the best performance.keeps the engine clean even under hard driving conditions This twister baffled filter provides the best in filtration oil and moisture,keep the air longer and ensures all the oil drop to the bottom of the can This newly developed twister baffled filter is the only air filtration system of it's kind. unique design twister baffled filter.easy to install, and easy to service.



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