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Injen Wrinkle Black Short Ram Air Intake for 2018+ Kia Stinger 3.3T | Boost Power and Performance

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Available in Red, Black and Polished.

This product is not currently CARB exempt and is not available for purchase in California or for use on any vehicle registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.   California residents cannot purchase or use this product, as it is not legal to sell or use in the state. Before ordering, please contact us.

Product Description and features:

🔥 Maximize Power, Boost Performance 🔥

Upgrade your Kia Stinger V6-3.3L Twin Turbo with the Injen Short Ram Air Intake, designed for ultimate performance gains. Dyno-proven to deliver up to 21 horsepower and 18 lb-ft. of torque, this intake system takes your driving experience to new heights.

✨Engineered for Performance, Crafted for Excellence✨

🚀 Short Ram Air Intake Design: Experience unrestricted airflow with Injen's Short Ram Air Intake design. It enhances engine performance by optimizing air intake efficiency, resulting in increased power and responsiveness.

🚀 Injen's Patented MegaRam (MR) Technology: Unleash the true potential of your engine. Injen's patented MegaRam Technology ensures a smooth and consistent air intake flow, maximizing power gains while maintaining ideal air/fuel ratios.

🚀 No Additional Tuning Required: Enjoy the benefits without the hassle. The Injen Short Ram Air Intake is designed to deliver outstanding performance without requiring additional tuning, making installation a breeze.

🚀 Dual 6061-T6 Aluminum Intake Tubing: Benefit from enhanced durability and improved thermal properties. The dual 6061-T6 aluminum intake tubing provides a lightweight yet sturdy construction for long-lasting performance.

🌪️ Fully Serviceable SuperNano-Web Dry Air Filter: Efficiency meets convenience. The Injen SuperNano-Web dry air filter captures contaminants while allowing maximum airflow. It's fully serviceable, ensuring long-term performance and easy maintenance.

💥 Smooth Intake Piping, Aggressive Engine Tone 💥

🎵 Aggressive Engine Tone Under Full Throttle: Experience the exhilarating sound of power. The Injen Short Ram Air Intake delivers an aggressive engine tone under full throttle, enhancing the overall driving experience.

🌬️ Smooth Intake Piping: Say goodbye to restrictions. The smooth intake piping design minimizes airflow disruptions, allowing for improved airflow and increased performance gains.

🛡️ Crafted with Excellence, Backed by Warranty 🛡️

🇺🇸 Made in Pomona, California, USA: Trust in superior craftsmanship. The Injen Short Ram Air Intake is proudly made in Pomona, California, ensuring the highest quality standards and precision engineering.

✅ Fitment:

✅ Direct fit for 2018-2022 KIA Stinger V6-3.3L Twin Turbo models. Experience a perfect installation with no modifications required.

🔒 Injen Technology Limited Lifetime Warranty: Drive with confidence. Injen stands behind their products with a limited lifetime warranty, providing you peace of mind and assurance of quality.

Unleash the full potential of your Kia Stinger V6-3.3L Twin Turbo. Upgrade to the Injen Short Ram Air Intake today and experience the thrill of power, performance, and superior airflow. Elevate your driving experience with ease of installation and the confidence of Injen's limited lifetime warranty.

Don't wait! Unlock the true power of your Kia Stinger now!

Installation Guide: 

Installation instructions in package